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Can I integrate with CRM tools?

  • YES – We offer a variety of tools to help manage your newly identified leads, including integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce.com to push leads directly from us to the CRM.

How can Insite Analysis be used for sales?

  • By identifying exactly who is visiting your website your sales team can take action.


How can it be used for marketing?

  • By understanding your visitors interaction with your website you can improve your site whilst also supporting your sales team. Our various tools such as ‘Analytics’ within the solution will help identify if you are reaching your target audience.


How do I set it up?

  • Simple – By adding a piece of code to the relevant pages of your website. It is invisible to your visitors and is a 5 minute job for your website developer. If you experience difficulty with entering your code, contact us and we will be happy to help with no obligation.  Alternatively we can add this for you for a small one off admin fee.


How does it work?

  • In a nutshell our Insite Analysis works by ‘Reverse IP Lookup’ our other tools track and monitor your site performance to present you with useful information.

How is Insite Analysis different to Google analytics?

  • We are different in a great number of ways, Google Analytics is a  good tool as essentially they provide statistical information about your website such as popular pages, keyword data and the number of hits to your website.   Insite Analysis takes you further offering an in-depth and comprehensive sales and marketing tool.  Our analysis tool will provide you with the essential data Google Analytics does as well as much more.  Insite Analysis Leads provides you with greater information on your visitors including full contact details, company name, telephone number, website, geo location as well as the journey each company made on your website so you can see exactly what they may be interested in and how long they spent on each page.   Further to this we offer custom alerts when a visitor matches the specific criteria you set. This enables your team to take proactive action and contact potential clients at the peak time of interest.

How much does it cost?

  • Our fees start from only £99 per month for a 12 month term.


  • NO - Our tool uses IP tracking to identify visitors, not cookies, therefore you will not need to make changes to your website to comply with the new law when implementing Insite Analysis.
  • YES - We only give you information that is available in the public domain.  We comply with the Data Protection Act in its entirety.

What does Insite Analysis do?

  • Our solution enables you to see what companies have visited your website, what they have viewed and for how long. There is also a whole host of other information and insight we provide.


What if I manage multiple sites?

  • No problem, you can add as many domains as you wish. We offer bespoke pricing so it’s worth contacting us to discuss.

What information is provided?

  • Insite Analysis’s platform gives you a lot of information specific to lead generation including the business name, visitor’s website, the search term they used to find you, which page they landed on, which pages they spent time on and for how long and which page they exited on – ALL IN REAL TIME! A daily email is sent directly to you with a summary of the day’s information.

Who is Insite analysis?

  • We are part of Insite Collective, a company that offers online marketing and sales tools. Our other services include SEO and web development to name but a few. We are always in the process of bringing new ideas to the web.