Key Features

Insite Lead Generation Management Key Features

Insite Analysis provides a comprehensive sales and marketing solution that enables you to identify and focus on prospects that visit your website. Our solution also enables you to measure your marketing effectiveness to ensure you are targeting the right audience. We identify which companies have visited your website,we

provide you with their company name and other useful information. We provide you with easy to use analytical information so that you can monitor your website’s performance to proactively market your products and services. Our solution has a number of tools to help you maximise return on your online investment.

Easy to Integrate Solution

No software required, just a small snippet of code to be installed within minutes onto your website.


Daily Summary & Real Time Alerts

A daily summary of activity plus custom alerts to notify you when a particular lead revisits your site.


CRM Integration

Export your leads to your CRM system or one click send to


Simple Interface

Easy to use and understand interface.


Real Time Visitor Identification

Identify who your visitors are in real time, track their behaviour and click paths.


Lead Generation Management

Our built in customer relationship features enables you to easily manage your leads from prospect to client.


Customised Reporting

Presentation ready reporting.



Unrivaled support, learn how to use all of our features quickly and easily.



We are constantly adding new features, all new features are included in your subscription.



Assign Leads

Assign your leads to your sales staff.


Powerful Analytics

Comprehensive and useful website analytics.