Increase ROI from all your online marketing activity.

Insite Analysis presents you with actionable intelligence, our solution enables you to measure your online marketing effectiveness, to improve return on your online investment and ensure you are targeting the right audience. With only a very small percentage of your online visitors making contact, we provide you with detailed visitor

information for the ones that don’t including their company name and telephone number and much more. If you are investing to drive visitors to your site, it means nothing unless you are converting them into sales. We also provide you with the tools to monitor your website’s activities, manage leads, measure  campaigns

and discover where to make improvements and focus more of your efforts to increase visitor numbers that you can identify and convert to sales. Simply designed so that even the most non-technical sales, marketing, management and staff can act upon the information we produce. Our solution has a number of features to support marketing.

Marketing Tools


Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Track popular pages, visitor behaviour, returning visitor identification, search engine and keyword optimisation, and much more.

Built on our powerful analytics engine

Built on our powerful analytics engine we translate complex web data into easy to understand information to provide you with insights on performance, engagement and visitor behavior. We provide you with such information as:

  • Popular pages
  • Unique visitors
  • Page Views and length of visit
  • Keyword Trends
  • Referral Links
  • Geo Location
  • Search Engines
  • Real time analytics
  • And much more…


Understand how visitors get to your website (PPC, Keyword, referrers, browser), who they are, where they are spending their time, what they are looking for and how they navigate. Our powerful insights enable you to make more informed business decisions to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing initiatives.

Track Email Campaigns

This technology works with your website visitors who have ‘opted in’ via various methods such as filling out a form or clicking on an e-mail campaign. ‘Email Campaign’ is a great way to track how existing and new prospects are navigating through your website, and view which products or services they are looking for.


Build a complete picture of how your visitors are navigating through your site after they respond to an e-mail campaign.


You can also use with Insite Analysis to identify visitors to your website by their e-mail address, providing customer intelligence to your sales staff to enable them to reach a prospect in a targeted, personalised manor.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Identify your website visitors (who have previously opted in) by their e-mail address and track their behaviour throughout your site.


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